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Financial Independence Tips for Seniors

As people age, maintaining financial independence can become increasingly challenging. However, there are steps that senior can take to help ensure that they can continue to live independently and enjoy their golden years without financial worries.

Below, we will discuss some of the ways that seniors can maintain their financial independence for years into the future.

Update on Global Banking Situation & Income Tax Deadlines

My last newsletter talked about the good start we were having to 2023 but was written just before we got the news of some US and European Banks failing. I don't want to say this situation is over, but as of this writing, we have seen a big rebound in share prices and much of the worry blew over. As of this newsletter, things seem to be contained. By early April, we had seen the Stock Market really rally. With Oil Prices rising quickly, the Toronto Stock Exchange made its way past 20,000 and maintained the level1. There has been good news on the Inflation front too.