Our Process

Our Process

At Borden Financial Services we have a strict process for making sure that our clients are taken care of properly. This process is as follows:

Step 1: Introduction Meeting - An opportunity for us to get to know each other;

Step 2: Data Collection - To uncover your goals and dreams;

Step 3: Proposal - A personalized plan to get you on track to meeting your goals;

Step 4: Implementation - Putting your plan into action; and

Step 5: Ongoing Service - This isn't vacuum sales! We continue working together, making adjustments to your plan and introducing new products and services as they become relevant.

Borden Financial Services is a company dedicated to helping individuals and families learn about the basics of money.

We educate our clients on how money works and show them the options available without bias. We provide a number of investment and insurance solutions from Canada's top providers, keeping our clients' best interests at the forefront and providing realistic expectations. In an industry full of sales people, Borden Financial Services stands out as a company focused on helping Canadians achieve their financial goals.

When investing your money, you can either guess what the future will bring or recognize what has happened in the past and make educated decisions.