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Can You Be Over-Insured?

Can You Be Over-Insured?

Most Canadians take the correct steps to protect their property against loss in case anything they own is lost or stolen.

Concerns about recouping losses if a home is robbed, or a favorite vintage guitar is destroyed during a basement flood, are questions with very routine answers. But when it comes to considering the value of a human life, many people don’t take the necessary steps to protect their loved ones against the financial loss when a primary income-earner dies.

Fake News about Life Insurance

Throughout the last twelve to fourteen months we've heard a lot of unfounded claims regarding COVID-19 and Insurance Applications. Initially, people worried that Insurance Companies may not issue certain types of policies with a new virus spreading around the World. While some kinds of coverage did become more difficult to get during the pandemic, Canadian Insurers created new COVID-19 Questionnaires to make sure that they were properly assessing risks.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance policies include insurance and savings in a single tax-advantaged plan.

With Permanent life insurance you have the ability to change your coverage, deposits and often your investment choices in response to your changing needs, conditions, or circumstances.

The two most common types of Permanent Life Insurance are Whole Life and Universal Life.

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