Tax Deadline Quickly Approaching

I'm sure no-one wants to be reminded that their Income Tax Return needs to be filed after such a tough twelve months. That deadline is approaching though so it's very important that you have all your T-Slips and RRSP Contribution Receipts rounded up. For anyone with a Non-Registered Investment Loan, you'll want to use your Statement of Interest to write off any eligible Interest Expenses.


Tax Season & Tax Slips

We've made it through RRSP Season and for many of you, you'll now be getting Contribution Receipts and Tax Slips. RRSP Contribution Receipts are extremely important for reducing your taxable income. If you hold Non-Registered Assets, you'll generally get some Tax Slips for any Dividends, Interest, and/or Capital Gains that you got throughout last year.


Tax Season & B2B Bank Statements

There is a lot to talk about this month as we’re right into Tax Season now and as I write this, there are some pretty serious Tariffs being proposed by the US Government which has shaken the market. We’ve had such a long run up that investors have almost forgot how volatility can feel but we’ve got a lot of that since February! As always, this will affect your Equity Positions a lot more than it will for Balanced Mandates and Fixed Income.

A Rough Start to February

RRSP Season - Borden Financial Services

Not only have we had a pile of snow and some awfully cold weather this February, we've also had an avalanche of volatility in the market! After a huge run up on a number of Stock Exchanges around the country, we finally witnessed a pull-back. By the end of Feb. 9th, we had seen an official correction on a number of markets. While this is never a lot of fun to watch, it comes with the territory and in some cases, can be healthy. The fundamentals still appear to be strong so most are chalking this up to profit taking.

Year End Tax Tips

With a few weeks to go before the year-end, you may wish to think about some moves you can take now to save you some taxes for 2016.

Along with the usual advice to do any tax loss selling before December 23rd on any equity investments to offset any capital gains earned in other investments during 2016, there are a few new tax planning strategies that you can take advantage of.

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