Happy New Year and Welcome to 2024!!!

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2024!!

As we've done for a number of years in a row now, we took some time out of the office while the girls were on their Winter Break. We had a nice time together and got some visits in with some friends and family. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! We now go into our busiest time of the year and won't get another break in until the end of March. We're going straight into RRSP Season which is always a busy couple of months for us. We'll also be busy with TFSA and RESP Contributions as there will be more room for those now that we are in the New Year.

A Strong US Economy

2023 has been a strange year. It's been a year with a fairly strong Global Stock Market and a lot of good economic news, but with what seems like half the population feeling like the economy is bad! There's no doubt that high prices are part of this. Those hit people right in the wallet, so costs are likely playing a part in the pessimism out there. As you all know, I like looking at a lot of data and analyzing it. What I'm seeing, is a pretty healthy economy, especially in the world's largest one, the United States.


Dollar Cost Averaging

Let us imagine that you have a plan to be a wise investor and use your funds to make strategic deposits into your various investment funds. You've heard about the investment strategy of buying any time the market is low with the plan of selling when the market turns upward.

The Power of Compound Interest

“Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes more money.”1 This quote by Benjamin Franklin is referencing the power of compound interest. Albert Einstein extolled the wealth-building virtues of compound interest as well. He is reputed as saying he considered it to be man's greatest invention and the eighth wonder of the world.2 A much simpler way to describe compound interest is that it is an excellent way to watch your investments grow exponentially over time.


Record Highs on the Market

Although Canada is still struggling with lower oil prices and a major political scandal in Ottawa, the Toronto Stock Exchange continued to move upwards in April.

It's been a fantastic start to the year for many markets around the world and the TSX hit a record high on April 24th. With Interest Rates likely on hold in Canada and the United States, we're also seeing a much better climate for Bonds.

It's certainly been a major reversal from the rough end we had to 2018. Your quarterly statements will reflect this dramatic upwards momentum.



We had a wonderful Spring Break here in Calgary and had a lot of family time with the girls. We did a number of activities right here in Calgary including a fun day downtown. We met up with some friends and family and got in a few meals at local restaurants. On top of that, the weather was nice so we spent a lot of time outside. Vienna, Berlin & London had a great time!


Year End Tax Tips

With a few weeks to go before the year-end, you may wish to think about some moves you can take now to save you some taxes for 2016.

Along with the usual advice to do any tax loss selling before December 23rd on any equity investments to offset any capital gains earned in other investments during 2016, there are a few new tax planning strategies that you can take advantage of.

Saving for a Financial Emergency

It is next to impossible to know when you might be impacted by a financial emergency; therefore, it is important to be prepared for something unforeseen in the future. Most people have heard the saying about saving money for a "rainy day". With the right forward planning, there is a great chance of being able to avoid a financial crisis should this present itself at a later date.

How much emergency funds are enough?

What a Ride!

It’s Stampede time here in Calgary but the ride I’m referring to has more to do with the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union than any amusement park! The last day of June saw an incredible panic as the big British Vote which many expected would favour a “stay” went the other direction.


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